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Brook Mugavero

Mrs. Pagani / Mr. Mooney

AP Composition and Writing

4 September 2014

Summer Reading Questions: Fast Food Nation

In the beginning of the introduction Schlosser uses the Cheyenne Mountains Air Force Operations Center as the archetype for the deceiving facade fast food chains portray. Schlosser symbolizes fast food chains as the Cheyenne Mountains to make the point that although fast food chains come across as non-threating with their upbeat commercials, children friendly environments, and claims to healthy food, they have hidden agendas constructed from the greed of wealthy businessmen. Fast food franchises have the technological power to make a mass production of cheap unhealthy food to make a large profit and further expand their empire of fast food chains across the nation.

In the sentence that ends, "clues to the nature of our civilization - Big King wrapper, hardened crusts of Cheesy Bread, Barbeque Wing bone etc." Schlosser uses the device of listing to exaggerate the future of what will become of the American diet, if Americans keep living the unhealthy lifestyle they live.

This list implies the reliability and dependability Americans have on fast food, as well as the endless numbers of fast food restaurants that seem to end up on every corner of every street. He is also foreshadowing the disturbing fate and reputation America will have as a result of the immense fast food consumption and production.

In the statement, "In 1970, Americans spent about $ 6 billion on fast food; in 2001, they spent more than $ 110 billion.", Schlosser uses statistic and historical data to make the tremendous rise in fast food consumption evident to the reader and to raise awareness of the problem that has been created in the last thirty-one years. In those thirty-one years, ultimately, there has been a great...