The Biology of Identity

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(In hopes to find the TRUTH behind "sexual anomalies")

Without having any value judgments on sexual 'deviancy'- the word itself many seem to imply disapproval. Whether it be transvestism, voyeurism, exhibitionism, or sadomasochism, sexual deviancy is by many considered unnatural and inhuman. However these two words 'unnatural and inhuman' is exactly what homosexuality is not. The truth is, sexual deviancy is as much a function of biology and as much a product of nature - as the orthodox sexuality which society accepts as 'natural'. Of course some adult sexual orientation is caused by early social conditioning, but through research and hard evidence, scientists have found that sex, gender and sexual orientation are all determined genetically.

Kate Bornstein the author of Gender Outlaw, states that sex, gender and sexual orientation are all interchangeable like the shuffle of cards. As in her case, she was a transsexual man, but still desired 'only' women.

As a transsexual lesbian she contends that though you may be born a certain sex (the physical genitalia), your gender identity can be the complete opposite. When Bornstein was still a physical man she stated: "I felt I was a woman, and more importantly I felt I belonged with other women." (Bornstein, 24) The problem, in her eyes, is how people treat one another differently because of gender. Throughout her book, she states that society is the cause of the problem. She condemns the social structure that is based around a bipolar gender system. What is a 'man' and what is a 'woman', in her mind, makes no difference. Her goal is to, "...dismantle the (two-gender) system..." and do away with any bias people have toward those who do not fit into the gender system that is already created (,such as herself).

However, Bornstein never...