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Onion Lab Introduction Looking at two different onions that are two different sizes, one that is rounder and taller than the other but not by much, a question comes to mind. What makes one onion bigger than the other? Pondering this subject you could come up with a couple of different reasons why one would be bigger than the other. Knowing from prior observations that onions were composed of layers, the thickness of the layers may be an option, or the number of layers, or the shape, and the girth of the outside pealing might all be reasons for the difference in size. The reason I think that one onion is superior in size is that there must be more rings on the bigger onion, than on the smaller one. So as a class we took the two onions and cut them in half so we would be able to count the number of rings.

We took a class average and then compared or results.

Results Size of onions # of Layers Small Onion 9 Big Onion 10 ? Discussions Through or experiment it seemed that the extra layer of the bigger onion made the most difference in the final size. Labeling the onions O-1 and O-2, the bigger onion being O-1, we as a class found that the bigger onion did in fact have one more layer than the smaller onion. We also found that as the rings got closer to the outside of the onion the thicker they seemed, even though there was not a great deal of difference in the first nine layers. The last layer of the onion is what seemed to make O-1 bigger than the O-2 onion. In the future it might be a good experiment to find out why the last layer is...