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Normally humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes in each cell of our bodies. A chromosome is composed of smaller components called genes, which carry instructions in a code of proteins. This code has the plans or make-up for human beings. When problems occur with the chromosomes while making a child, the code cannot be read properly. When something like this happens it is called a genetic disorder. There are many examples of genetic disorders such as Turner's syndrome, Klinefelter's syndrome or Down's syndrome, but the disorder that this report discusses is "Cri Du Chat" syndrome. This disorder is a result of the loss or deletion, of a large part of the genetic material from the short arm of one of the pair of number five chromosomes. For this reason "Cri Du Chat" is also called 5P minus syndrome. Some of the problems that children come across are heart defects, Kidney abnormalities and high risks of a hernia.

More facts and interesting information will be discussed in greater detail in the body of this paper.

Physiological Description of the Disorder

This portion of the paper discusses the symptoms of " Cri Du Chat" in greater detail. The key symptom that is expressed in all of the children with this syndrome is the weak, cat-like cry that gave " Cri Du Chat" its name. Other symptoms are a small head, a small receding chin and widely spaced eyes. Children that suffer from "Cri Du Chat" syndrome are also known to have low nasal bridges, folds of skin over their upper eyelids and Laryngomalacia (weak muscle tone in the throat). Although as the child gets older and reaches puberty, the nasal bridge gets higher, and the folds of skin over the eye become less noticeable.