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The WASD Organism

Recently a virus was discovered that caused no apparent harm but caused compulsive gaming. This virus is the result of many years of mutation and non-random mating. After thousands of years of lying dormant mutations caused the virus to become active in hundreds of people worldwide. The genes are in a constant state of mutation, which can cause an unknown reaction. The gene is pictured bellow.

The driving force for this virus seems to be just for its own survival.

After a series of people were born with resistance to the virus it started to die out, however the gene pool thrived in other individuals.

After many years of research scientists found that the genes were in a state of non-random mating. Many variations of the virus have died off due to their lack of compatibility with people; this is an obvious form of natural selection or survival of the fittest.

After 10 years the virus become very active as a strain of the virus became resistant to any form of treatment.

Later humans adapted to the virus and it was almost wiped out, but 3 strains survived. This is evidence of a bottleneck effect. These strains started to mutate again and flourish. Through non-random mating the virus again sprang to life in thousands of people worldwide.

The effect of the virus is mild these days, but still exists. In a few years the virus is expected to thrive again and cause another epidemic. We can predict some of the changes that will happen.

We believe that the virus will mutate and become highly infectious again, however with this a change in our own DNA will also come. We believe that we will evolve or mutate to match the virus's mutations. Over a period of thousands...