Biomedical Ethics: Human Clonging

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Biomedical Ethics: Human Cloning In February 1997, Scotland announced the first successful cloning of an adult sheep. Due to this historic scientific breakthrough by Ian Wilmut and his colleagues, the cloning of humans is becoming closer to reality and is open for public scrutiny. For those who are against human cloning, cloning presents as much a moral problem as a technical problem. Ethically, cloning humans is inconceivable and there is not any evidence to support its success.

Theoretically, before scientists could find the right mapping of DNA for the perfect human, the possibilities of cloning humans with deformities could be in the hundreds, if not in the thousands. In the article, Why We Should Not Use Cloning, "it took 277 tries to produce Dolly, and Roslin scientists produced many lambs with abnormalities" (par. 1). Therefore, if it took this many attempts to produce Dolly, how can scientists be confident that the same will not occur with human cloning? Let us take a look at natural births; scientists cannot explain genetic birth defects, stillbirths, premature births, cystic fibrosis, and other deformities.

In reality, we could be taking nature into our own hands by cloning animals and people. For example, in the medical community, researchers say with animal cloning they have been able to learn how to produce sheep, cattle, and other animals by genetically copying cells isolated from early-stage embryos. In an article written by Ian Wilmut, he explains: Cloning offers many other possibilities.

One is the generation of genetically modified animal organs that are suitable for transplantation into humans. At present, thousands of patients die every year before a replacement heart, liver, or kidney becomes available. A normal pig organ would be rapidly destroyed by a "hyperacute" immune reaction if transplanted into a human. (4) Cloning is in the...