Biometric identification, can we rely on it in Australia?

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We live in a world where technology advances everyday. Due to this there are increasing numbers of identity theft. People are finding new ways to steal other peoples' credit card details, social security numbers and many others. Biometric identification will not reduce the number of identity theft in Australia. It's an invasion of privacy to users, there's still a chance that your identity could be stolen, and a physical identity is almost irreplaceable.

"Biometrics -- the science of verifying identity through unique physical characteristics such as your face, the geometry of your hand, your fingerprints, the patterns in your eyes or even your voice, signature or the way you touch the keyboard -- is no longer the sole domain of spy thrillers." (Winter. C, 2000). This means that it records human physical data on a digital format. The biometric data that is recorded is unique to every single person in the world.

No-one will ever have the same biometric data as you, unless it's stolen. This just means that more will have to be done if someone's identity is stolen.

Many people believe that by using biometric technology, to identify themselves, is an invasion of their privacy. People don't know how many people have access to their personal information. People feel as if they have been lessened in society, because currently governments and their prisons mainly use biometrics to keep track of their prisoners. This is why people feel they have been put down in society because the government wants to take their identity from them and keep track of them. It makes them feel as if even their own homes are now a room in a very large prison. Little Brother (the public) being constantly under watch by Big Brother (the government). People do not want the government...