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What if every password, credit card, and ID card were replaced with a glance into a camera or a swipe of a thumb? Biometrics can do just that. They are methods of identification by behavioral or physiological characteristics of a person and most times are automated. Such features as ones fingerprints, handwriting, retinal, iris, face, hand geometry, and voice are measured. Biometric technology is rapidly being used as the solution to personal verification and identification for security. As the importance of security increases along with the breaking of this security the need is growing for stronger protection. Biometrics has become increasingly vital. "We're seeing biometrics growing at an exponential rate within the Department of Defense. It's becoming commonplace", said Biometrics Fusion Center Director Samuel J. Cava. "Two years ago, when I took over here, biometrics was a good idea. Now biometrics within the department is a mission-critical technology." Biometric-based solutions can easily fulfill that need by providing a convenient and virtually unbreakable piece of security.

The list of possible uses branches out to government IDs, investing and other financial transactions, law enforcement, health and social services, enterprise-wide network security infrastructures, retail sales, electronic banking, and more. Airports may begin to use biometrics as well, "For frequent travelers, long security lines at airports can be a huge source of frustration. New technology developed by Bellevue-based Saflink and other companies will test whether these travelers are willing to give up more privacy for greater convenience." was stated by Seattle Times business reporter Kristi Heim. FBI's IAFIS, the US-VISIT program, the Transportation Workers Identification Credentials (TWIC) program, and the Registered Traveler (RT) program are just a few examples within the US Government in which biometrics are used.

Personal use of biometrics is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that is...