Biotechnology, good or bad?

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Globalization. What is it? According to the Merriam - Webster Online

Dictionary, Globalize is "to make worldwide in scope or application." In general,

we eat everyday. everybody eats. it's a global thing to all of us. Consuming

products from vegetables to meats to manmade food products. So biotechnology

have come to a consideration of food. Is genetic food really the key to make food

safe and longer lasting? I personally agree with the Biotechnology foods are

actually helpful to economic growth and to our health.

When you take a bite in your food have you ever think about where they

come from? Well today most of our foods are already genetically engineered.

That's why you get that nice round juicy tomato or that beef up chicken you get

from KFC. It's all genetically engineered. Scientist puts tons of effort to make the

food as durable and as juicy as possible.

They don't create the food because

they want to kill someone or give people a long term sickness. And plus there is

really no sickness involve to the genetic engineered food. It is just because

everyone is just sick because of the fact that they use genes of other animals or

organisms to enhance the features of one product. I personally don't think it's a

problem and it's not gross at all because when you think about it all the food you

eat have something that will shock you if you just uncover the truth behind it. Like

organic vegetation you get pesticides and other growth enhance drugs too it's

not like those are any better then your genetic engineer vegetables. Or you can

take a look at yogurt and all these other great products. They are all made from

yeast and all these organisms that we normally will...