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Out of the material we have read and studied so far I have to say that bipolar disorder has defiantly caught my attention. Unless they are put on medication, people suffering from this disease are on a constant roller costar of emotions. There are many different moods that a person suffering from the bipolar disorder can experience in a short period of time for no apparent reason.

Last summer while I was at camp I meet a 17-year-old girl that was diagnosed with this disorder. I didn't really talk to her that much but I did watch her as she interacted with other kids. She seemed okay, I never saw her freak out or anything like that, she actually seem unusually calm and happy all the time. Maybe she was on a lot of medication. I did see her mood change from calm to crying a few times while she was with her youth group( I use to attend a Christian camp for the summer) but I'm not sure that her mood swing was caused by her disorder.

Crying is not really an unusual occurrence at camp.

I've often wondered if Kurt Cobain had bipolar disorder, according to our book, bipolar is commonly found in well-known artists. No one can deny that Kurt Cobain was defiantly one of the most gifted and talented musicians that has ever lived. He spent most of his life in deep depression, beginning in his early childhood and following his up to his death in 1994. He was often extremely paranoid and I'm sure his rapid shot to fame did not help him. He was seen as the "voice of Generation X" and represented all the angst-stricken youth of America. With everyone's attention turned to Kurt and his band Nirvana is was no wonder that...