The Bird

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"The Bird"

Was it alive?, "Wondering to myself what had just transpired!" This is what I said as I turned my sisters bird over on the ground and feathers flew all around me. It was a Friday morning when I said these words. I was at home by myself and I was very confused to what had actually just happened. At this point I didn't know what I was going to do about the situation that had arose. At first I poked the meager creature as it lay on the floor several times to see if it still had any life left within his poor little body. Instead of waking up and moving about the room, the bird remained in its apparent inert state, like a miniature stuffed animal.

While the bird remained on the living room floor I grabbed the phone to call my mother. My sister's bird died while it was underneath my care.

My parents had gone out to breakfast in the morning, and instead of staying at my grandparents' house like my parents recommended, I decided to stay at home until they returned. My parents were away and my sister was out of town with some of her friends. Because of this, I had the whole house to myself. Although I wasn't truly alone, I had some company: my sister's new little bird that she had received a few weeks earlier. While she was gone I was in charge of the birds well being. Without me, it would starve, die of thirst, or by hook or by crook find a way to flee the boundaries of its little cage and cause destruction throughout the house. Even though I had taken care of a bird before, my sister still had to show me the ropes of how...