"The Birds" Essay

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Paola Villarino

November 19 ,2013

Mr.Folkman 4B

The Birds

Is it greedy to try and survive? To answer my own question, no it isn't, like Gandhi once said, "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need but not every man's greed," when you try to survive, you only take what is need to live, water, food, the mere necessary things you body needs. When you start taking more than what is needed, for you own profit , that is when greed steps into you, and if you let it take over, when the time comes to pay , remember why. Comment by Folkman Jason: Run-on Comment by Folkman Jason: proofread

Nat Hocken, a war veteran, a family man, and a very smart man, is trapped in a horrible situation where he must be prepared to risk his life for those in his family. When the birds started acting strange, Nat was the only one to notice something was very wrong, "Mrs.

Trigg," he said, "there are fifty dead birds, robins, wrens, and such, lying low on the floor of the children's bedroom. They went for me; they tried to go for young Johnny's eyes." Mrs. Trigg stared at him doubtfully." He tried to tell his neighbors, but sadly they were ignorant and laughed it off, blaming the weather. In the end, Nat was the last one standing, because he didn't ignore anything, he boarded up his windows, and protected his family. If the Trigg's had listened, they would have survived, and wouldn't have ended up dead and cold, they wouldn't have been another beak full of food. What drove the birds to exterminate mankind was our own fault, we destroyed their homes, we killed hundreds of them, we were greedy, and we didn't stop there, we're using up...