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Birth Control Birth control has grown increasingly popular over the last 30 years since it was first starting to be used. It is simply any activity, medication, or equipment used to prevent pregnancy. More and more young females are getting on birth control of one type or another to prevent the always-feared pregnancy. Pregnancy to a young female, usually under the age of 18, is considered to be the worst possible thing that could ever happen to them so they are willing to take considerable measures to prevent it. Barriers are being presented to prevent pregnancy without practicing abstinence. Many methods are used to prevent a pregnancy. Obviously, the most effective way to avoid pregnancy and contact of the AIDS virus and other STD's is abstinence. If people choose abstinence there will be no worry of becoming pregnant. However, in today's society this is not very commonly practiced. Therefore the most commonly used type of birth control among teenagers today is the use of condoms.

Condoms are the easiest means of birth control to acquire in today's world. They don't require a prescription and no parental consent is necessary. For this reason, condoms are extremely popular with teenagers. Another non-prescribed barrier from pregnancy is the use of creams. The creams are a sterilizing agent that sterilize the male's sperm and prevent it from fertilizing the egg. Creams do not provide any barrier against AIDS or any other STD's.

Getting away from the non-prescribed types of birth control, there are also many types of birth control that can be prescribed by a doctor. Birth control is a prevention of becoming pregnant as well. A person under the age of 18 must have parental consent for a prescribed medication therefore they are not nearly as popular in the younger aged people. Among...