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The use or non-use of birth controls is one of the major conflicting issues in our society today. Is it right to interfere with child birth? Is abortion the right answer to prevent unwanted child birth? Is abortion a legitimate choice for birth control? These are just some of the questions that come to mind when you think about birth control. There are several different birth controls out now and they include condoms, contraceptives, and abortion. The problem with abortion is that there are people who feel that it is ok to kill off unborn babies just so they can live a sexual active life and not have to worry about taking care of the consequences. Below, I will first describe the ideas of utilitarianism, Deontology, and virtue. Then I will go through how the three perspectives might approach the topic of birth control including my own views.

The utilitarianism approach is based on the concept of consequence and is the idea that the right action is the one that creates the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people.

The Deontological approach is the view that emphasizes the performance of duty rather then the results, as the sign of right action. Unlike utilitarianism, deontological is based on the concept of obligation as the means to determine what is right. In others words, the will of person to perform an action is the determining factor of what is right and wrong instead of the result of the action. Virtue ethicist on the other hand, focuses mainly on what makes a good person or the traits of a person's character that will lead to a good life. The virtue-based approach is the idea that actions do not determine a person's virtue but the character of the person when he or...