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Birth Control-The Humane choice

Linda Iniguez


David Radcliff

February 2, 2006

Birth Control-The Humane Choice

The use of birth control has been a controversial issue for decades. Those in favor of the use of birth control state that it is a woman's right to choose since it is her body. On the other hand, non-supporters argue that it is unnatural and that men and women should accept the consequences of their sexual activity. It is imperative that individuals have access to birth control methods in order prevent further overpopulation of the earth and to protect "unwanted" children from neglect or other possible forms of abuse, from potential parents.

The article by Margaret Sanger states that The Comstock Law of 1873 prohibited the distribution of information and contraception devices to women. Ms. Sanger began to illegally distribute information and methods of contraception to women.

Obtaining a second factual statement in Ms. Sanger's article impossible proved to be unfeasible. Although the article made extremely strong points regarding a woman's right to choose a method of birth control, the article was predominately the opinions of Ms. Sanger.

In contrast to Ms Sanger's article, Paul Murray's article discusses a "holistic approach" to birth control. Mr. Murray uses excerpts from "Humanae Vitae" written by Pope Paul VI in 1968 to use as a back up for his statements. He and his wife use a method much like the rhythm method, in which they abstain from sexual intercourse during her fertile period. He states that individuals do not cease to mature beyond childhood. Mr. Murray also states that the number of sexual partners per American have increased significantly over the past 30 years.

Ms. Sanger argues that a woman is not truly free from man until she has the...