Birth Of Order

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It was close to a year ago, about 3 resets back, that I was at this organization at my university. Jubei-chan and I were talking and she asked if I knew about archmage, at which I did. She told me that she was in a guild called KOH and that I should come play with her. Other people that I knew were playing too, she said. So I joined.

One thing that confused me was that Jubei-chan wanted me to refer to her as a guy. I was a little confused. Why did she chose a girl name if she was going to be one of the guys? And why did she not want people to know that she was a girl? Anyway, I played along.

At that time I didn't really know any of the KOH members aside from Lakshmia, Hato no Batsu, eidos, Allen-Schezar, Chichiri and a few others.

It was funny when everyone thought Chichiri was a girl! Though, admittedly his name did sound like a girl's.

On a side note, I had never been in an archmage guild before and so I never understood the dynamics that were involved.

After I joined, somehow I became guild diplomat. Those were the good ol' days; I didn't know I had diplomatic skills. It was fun playing diplomat.

Then the Orders became introduced into KOH, beginning with the Order Of Shadows, who began to kill off mages quite effectively. My role changed from diplomat to strike team leader. OOS was the first and only order at the time of the war with Nemesis, at which ALOT of their members were killed off. That is the truth of the matter - alot of Nemesis died, beginning with their leader. KOH strategy aimed for the leaders first to decrease troop morale.