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Public speaking journal 1) I experienced many feelings during the process of giving the mini presentations in lab. Prior to the speech I was nervous and my palms were sweaty. This is due to the lack of time for coming up with the speech and if I was better prepared I think I wouldn't be so nervous. Not really nervous about getting up there but nervous that the speech would not make sense and there would be a time of eerie silence which would make me feel stupid. During the speech I started to feel more comfortable. Once you get the speech started with a good introduction the rest of it flows pretty good. I try to be thinking ahead but not so much as to lose track in the speech. This ensbles me to occupy my mind with a task instead of being nervous. Following the speech I felt that I could have done better in the presentation part.

My voice and intonation have to be worked on as well as a tendency to sway during the sppech. Delivery of the information to the audience is the main goal of the speeches. I feel that the practice speeches were a great help in anticipating problems during the graded presentation.

2) I felt about the same after giving the speech about the success or failure. I knew that the information was good but my voice was low and intonation required work as well as the swaying aspect. Seeing it on film is weird because I don't seem to look as nervous as I feel when speasking. You can see what you looked like while you were in a certain frame of mind. That is cool! 3) This exercise gave me the opportunity to refine my speech giving skills and expose potential mark reducing mistakes and improve the chances of obtaining a satisfactory mark. By pointing out that I need to work on my voice and intonation I feel that it improves my speech giving skills and I will still have to work on the swaying although I can't make any promises.