A Bittersweet Era

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The dawning of the Industrial Revolution began with the enclosure movement already taking its effect. Food was plentiful and rising beside it the population. With all of the favorable conditions for resources, geography, economy, political stability, and an abundance of ideas, the rise of an industrious nation was born. I believe that the Industrial Revolution has misled us. In the end the industrial revolution's great results rebounded with bad residuum with room for ameliorators.

The Industrial Revolution proved to be beneficial in many ways. Many new inventions were made which surpassed the production rates of people. These new devices also took advantage of the geography such as Richard Arkwright's water frame which used Great Britain's streams to drive our spinning wheels. The steam engine also changed the world by providing faster transportation. Jobs were also widely available for the massive population wanting a new life. This era of business has advanced the capabilities of man even further and has changed the lives of many.

No doubt that such a great change has its disappointing backlash. With such a great population comes the price of the spread of disease and pollution. Epidemics are rampant to those living on filthy streets or unrecognizable rivers. People are also taken by surprise to find that their arrival was unexpected leaving many living in streets or cramped living quarters. Factories are also rigged with tiresome hours, terrible working conditions, and hazardous machinery threatening one's limbs and life. Mines also prove to be risky with frequent accidents, collapsing tunnels, and explosions. It is even rumored that children have been placed in even worse conditions. While the great and wealthy enjoy this new period, many more suffer and carry the weight of this tough life.

There is a lot of room for improvements to assuage the...