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The Final Decision for The Maple Island Power Plant The Maple Island Nuclear Power Plant should be added on to for the community. As the mayor, I have deeply thought about this decision. This power plant produces 33% of the community's electricity (1). If this plant was shut down, we would have to find a new plant to produce our electricity. Further more, I will explain to you the following reasons to support my and my fellow employer's decisions.

First of all, instead of adding on to the pool area, I think that we should build a dry storage tank to hold all the cooled assemblies. The dry storage area would only hold fuel assemblies for a temporary amount of time. The assemblies would be cooled in the pools for three to five years, and then stored in the dry storage until they are ready to be shipped to Yucca Mountain in Nevada (2).

At Yucca Mountain, they will bury the assemblies low underground, and they will stay there for eternity. While we are shipping the assemblies to Yucca Mountain, we are making more space for the pools to be filled, and our storage area to be emptied again (3).

Secondly, the pool storage area was added on to in 1985, and it is quickly filling up (4). An expansion of the capacity would be going from 687 to 1,582 (5). This is a lot of land, and personally, as the mayor, I do not want to waste this land to expand again, when we will have to expand in the future as well. I am just looking out for the future, and the pool storage is taking up a lot of room in the power plant. The dry storage will be an easy way to store the...