The Black Boot

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Eng. 51 sec 1307 Rawmsley essay 1.1 "The Black Boot" My grandma's always been known for telling her crazy story's. Everyday when my cousins and I would go to grandma's house we already knew the rountine. We would all gather around to listen to one of her story's before we did anything else. At times I hated to listen to them because some of them were boring and scary. Most of the time scary. It reminds of one time when she told us a story about a black boot.

It was a Sunday morning at my grandma's house. My cousins and I had just finish eating breakfast when our grandma told us to come sit down so she could tell us a story. I really didn't want to listen to it but I didn't want to upset grandma. My grandma told a story about a black boot. She said that the black boot is bad luck.

I guess it only comes out at night as she said. If we see it we have to throw a white sheet over it.

Listening to this story I thought it was pretty crazy and I didn't think that it made sense.

To this day I still don't believe it. I wonder where my grandma comes up with these story's. A lot of her story's told scare me, it's like if she is a witch.

To this day I don't believe when people tell me there story's. I never really believed any of these kinds of things. I love my grandma and all but I just don't like her story's. I know that she is only trying to protect us but until the day I see something like this happen then I will believe it.