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Annie Gao

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Curiosity has its Ways

Swirling curiosity may sometimes lead to sinking misfortunes. In some cases, however, inducing eagerness may also bring about great fantasies. This is shown in Richard Wright's Black Boy multiple times. Black Boy is an autobiography written to share Wright's experiences as a colored child growing up in America. This autobiography contains many scenarios where Richard's curiosity plays a big part in his intuition. Richard was raised mostly by his mother and Granny, as his father left when he was very young. Granny was part of the Seventh Day Adventists, which prohibited almost everything that included having fun because they believe that fun is the work of the devil. Where many children would stop doing something when reprimanded to stop, Richard is the type of boy that would continue because he was amazed by the smallest things. He learns quite a lot through these experiences of disobedience, therefore, Richard's curiosity both benefits and harms him as he develops to be more behaviorally conscious, racially aware, and intellectually exposed.

To begin with, learning about one's own race is frightening, for it may teach you things that you did not already know, however it is also quite harming to one's view upon the world. Understanding one's own race plus the outside races can help raise awareness of the racial environment. Before the knowledge of race sinks in, Richard was really muddled about the world around him. When he first comes in contact with the racial world, he describes it as, "…though I had long known that there were people called 'white' people, it had never meant anything to me emotionally. I had seen white men and women upon the streets a thousand times, but they had never looked particularly 'white'. To me,