Black Cat VsThe Tell Tale Heart

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Comparison Essay "The Black Cat" "The Tell-Tale Heart" Three similarities between the stories "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Black Cat" are that the narrator tries to convince you that he is not a madman, he puts himself near the place of burial, and the subject of "the eye." After discussing these similarities you will find that the stories are almost identical but with slight differences. This will be noticeable with the examples.

In both stories he states that he is not a madman, but his reliability is very questionable because he is drunk in "The Black Cat" and he has some kind of "disease" in "The Tell-Tale Heart." Also in both stories he states how calmly he can tell the story. He then states how wisely he does the acts.

Also in both stories he put himself near the spot that he buried his victims in the house.

He was so confident that the burial spots were undetectable that that he allowed the police to search his house without a worry. In "The Tell-Tale Heart" he put a chair over the body and sat their to talk to the police after they were finished searching, this eventually drove him bad because he could "hear" the heart beating and he admitted to the act. In "The Black Cat" he allowed the police to search and when they were leaving he hit the wall that the wife was buried in and heard a scream which made the cops dismantle the wall and to find the body of his wife.

Lastly, on the subject of "the eye" in both stories, there was something eerie about the eye, which made the man do what he did. In "...