Black Like Me

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Black like me by john Howard Griffin was about the curiosity of the struggles of black people in the 50's and 60's. The main character, a white male decided to go into the life of s Negro by becoming one. In the story " black like me", John Griffin stuck out to me because he was curious, fearful, and respectful.

The curiosity of John griffin in the book was overwhelming to me. Sometimes his curiosity would get him in a lot of trouble. These quotes were very prominate in proving it. On pg. 7 it stated " in the Deep South what adjustments would we have to make." This quite is simply stating his curiosity to become black and see how it is like. Also on pg. 18 it states " how else except by becoming a Negro would he learn the learn the truth." I think this is a very a bold act he is about to commit.

He shouldn't do it.

John Griffin was also fearful of what the outcome of his actions were going to be. I know this by what he said on pg. 147. " We sat and waited but the phone did not ring. The silence so unnatural so ominous. Were none of my friends and family going to call?" He obviously wanted somebody to talk to after he had done numerous interviews about his time he spent as a black person. Another quite supports this on pg.149 it says " please I pleaded don't mention these names on the air. I would be afraid for their lives, they were my friends." He obviously was fearful for his life and his contacts made when he was a Negro.

John Howard was also respectful. I respected that about him. I can prove this by one of the quotes that were said on pg. 18 " package of picayunes please." He said please even though the white lady cut her eyes at him and called him a nigger. The lady was a store clerk. On pg. 30 he said " I bowed and gave the rude white gentlemen a Smile." This really showed his high tolerance for ignorance. If that were me I would have said a few choice words and went about my business.

The story " Black like me" was a very interesting depiction of life in the southern states. It had accounts of how black people were treated. Once he said that he had to go around to the kitchen to be served in a white restaurant. The reason for John doing this experiment was to show black people that at least one white person understands what they're going through. I believe that this was a very good book and that it should be shared with youth all over America.