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Ashley Nicolai

HUMS 105

Sternberg Theory of Love

Reading Sternberg theory about love is very interesting. I feel though as every love relationship is different from everyone else's. I completely understand his two theories of love. In which reading the demonstration of the love story helped put a complete understanding into his theories of love. I would have to agree with the triangle theory of love. I think that it is very important to have intimacy, passion, and decision/commitment. I think in order to have a long lasting relationship you need have fun; I feel that every relationship will not work if you do not have fun with your best friend. I think that in all reality you are trying to find your best friend in life. Someone that you can share secrets with, someone you can run to when you're scared, someone you tell everything good that has happen in your life.

I think that a good relationship should have good chivalry. The man should also show respect to the women and the women should always take care of their man/family. I look at relationships as teamwork, trust, and staying strong to who you are and to make sure you speak your mind to stay true to your partner. I think that love is not easy by all means, but I feel love is always going to have its rough time when your partner and you are going through a rough patch. It's the strong part of your relationship if you make it past the rough patches in your relationship. In the end love is the best thing that could happen to anyone. I feel love can make people so much stronger and to be much more confident in one another and most of all cherish one another...