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I am the hands that many touch and hold, And the hands that passes through the lives of many, I have no shape or size, but indefinite form.

I am the hand that rocks the cradle, And thy glorifies my every step The ground that I touch is sacred, But has no boundary that stops me.

I caress the body and soul of women, And take the love and worship that is for me as an abundance.

Love everyone, but show no passion towards them, I use sex as an objective in my daily planner, And give it to women as if I was the best, But do not realize how much I hurt them, I have a wife and kids, but that doesn't matter to me, What I strive to receive, I take, I don't own anything, but borrow it from...

My father, the father that taught me of women being nothing but gold diggers, But if I look at him, and fondly ask, who is he! He taught me to use women, but not to savor the moments I share, endure, and ignite with them.

I try to carry the flame with me as I move on to death, But damn if day by day it burns out, Is it that I don't understand what I have done? Is it that I don't know who I am?, Or is it that I am a fathers' son.

When I leave this earth, where will I go, who shall I run to, For I realize that I was reliving the life of my father, but not my life.

I soon think that he didn't care about me, but wanted me to be as much of a augury, useful excuse of a black man as he was.

As I think of how he treated my mother, I soon realize that I am not a fathers' son, but I am my father.

I have many questions that I can't produce, but try to fertile them to a high extent.

From here I do not understand who, what, when, where, why, and how, and as I approach death, this feeling will conquer my soul, As I venture to life after death in hell, Whereas I am not certain if the lord will forgive me for where I am, and what I have done.

Now I wish that I could change the rainy days, and long dark nights that I spent away from home, and that my ex-wife would take me back.

I want to be with my sons, and I want to teach them not to be like me, but to be strong, and to be not a womanizer, such as all the older men in their lives.

I......................... (to be continued)