The Black Sheep

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Albert Einstein many times conjured up and answered some of the most intriguing questions ever asked; however, one sticks out above them all, that not even he in his infinite intelligence could easily answer. This question was "Is the universe a friendly place?" This question is unlike many of his questions, because it calls for an opinion, and cannot really be answered using scientific theory. We cannot even begin to imagine what lies beyond the mere boundaries of our own minute solar system, therefore how could we possibly answer this question? Well, for anyone who knows how Einstein worked, they know this is not a yes or no answer, nor can it ever be one. As with most of his queries, there are many ifs, buts and "it depends." A friendly environment is very reminiscent of the atmosphere, which surrounds a family. A family helps each other, is not rude to one another, and all work for the good of the family.

Our universe works like that. All the celestial bodies which are found in our universe help another body. Our sun is what has enabled there to be life on our planet. The stars as far away as they are, light up the sky for us at night, and have helped us navigate this rock we live on. The other planets that share our path around the sun, all have a unique gravitational pull, which ensures that our solar system stays stable. The pieces of this universe are all in one way dependent upon another body for their mere survival. In this respect, the universe is a very friendly place, for all the components of it help each other.

When around one's friends, or anywhere that is considered to be friendly, one feels at peace. One has no worries, for one is around the people one cares about. The universe helps to spread that feeling as well. It relieves people of their worries, and an almost eerie sense of peace overcomes people.

When people camp out, they sleep under the stars. A sunrise is Mother Nature's perfect portrait of beauty as she ingeniously mixes color across her tremendous canvas. And there is nothing more romantic than being serenaded by your mate by the soothing light of the moon. There are so many problems in this world, but they can almost always be erased, even if just momentarily, by the peacefulness the universe provides. The ability for virtually any being to feel at ease because of the beauty of our universe generates a very friendly environment.

The universe, just like many families, does have a black sheep, a piece of the family, which does not seem as if it belongs. The black sheep in our universe is the very planet we inhabit. Human beings have made it this way.

Many humans believe that we are the only forms of life in this universe; however, being that every star has its own solar system rotating around it, that statement is one, which is lacking much common sense. It is incredibly ignorant, and arrogant to believe we are alone in this universe. We do fantasize that there are others out there, and when they come to visit us, all we want to do is kill, and dissect them, yet if we ever land on an inhabited planet, "We come in peace." Roswell, New Mexico is the site of the most famous, alleged alien landing in history, and so to try to reveal the validity of the claim, we dedicated a television show to showing the supposed autopsy of the aliens. We are so hypocritical in so many aspects. We are peace loving, they are monsters; we are alone, yet there are aliens. We kill off each other, our own species, yet we "come in peace." If aliens are technologically capable of coming to our planet, I do not blame them for not having come here yet.

The universe when looked at through eyes on Earth is a very friendly place.

Its flowing nature and peacefulness, are exactly what constitutes a friendly environment; however, when looked at through the eyes of the universe, Earth is the exception. Our planet is battered by war, crime, drugs, and sadly more. We are the black sheep of this family. There is a good possibility that there are other planets out there, with problems such as ours, but with the limited amount of information we have now, it appears as if Earth is the only one.