Black Woman In Advertising.

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In recent years black woman have made big strides in the area of advertising, but regardless of these efforts black woman all still shown as submissive or being dominated. Few women are shown as strong or self-sufficient. I believe a lot of black woman are made to deal with racism and the fact they don't look like a white woman on their job. I will try to show that although things may look like it is changing. The present is still closer to the past than we realize and there is much that is still the same. Past Black Woman In Advertising (verse one) In past advertisement, black woman have been depicted as big lip, fat, very dark, always willing to please. This physical appaerance was a tiypical sterotype held by many non-blacks American. In the nineteen century the view of black woman was always distorted. One place you can find a miss representation of a color woman is the film Driving Miss Dasey.

Black woman in adds were always presented very asexual with a big stupid looking smile on they face. I often wonder how hard it had to be to go to work with a smile when you know that racisum and sexism is all around you. A prime example of what I have stated so far is the Aunt Jemima's adds off the late 1940's. Here was a black woman with her hear tied with a kerchief, big fat lips, very dark skin, and with a very big smile on her face. By the early 80's the features began to change, she became lighter and the smile became more realistic. I believe the only reason for these changes was the woman's movement of the late 60's early 70's and the civil rights movement of the 60's.