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Marketing 620: Marketing Management in a Global Economy

Marketing Plan Project: Blackberry

1. Executive Summary

Two page summary of the entire plan

The University of Waterloo founded blackberry in 1984 and in 1988 they made history by becoming the first wireless data technology developer in North America. In 2002, the company started to develop the technology in phones. Data and voice BlackBerry 5810 and OEM radio that ran on GSM/GPRS wireless networks worldwide was implemented. RIM had over 4 million subscribers by 2005, the most they ever had before. They partnered up with IBM and introduce Lotus Instant Message for Blackberry. RIM had more than 150,000 employees in 2009. BlackBerry was the dominant smart phone in the corporate world. By December of a disappointing 2011, RIM is felt pressure and let the public know that the company is in the midst of considering changes in their strategies. On July 9th, 2013 Research in Motion Ltd changed the shareholders decided its name to BlackBerry Ltd.

In September of 2013, the new BlackBerry Ltd. reported a big loss of nearly $1 million in the second fiscal quarter and then announced 4,500 employee layoffs. The company was considering of selling itself to companies, but by November 2013, Blackberry announced that they hired John Chen, chairman and CEO for software company Sybase to be the interim CEO.

Blackberry's plan is to continue providing for government because they are the only MDM provider to who has "Authority to Operate" on U.S. Department of Defense networks. Besides the Government is also focusing on getting this technology in a number of corporate offices, with over 80,000 companies as MDM customers.

Chen feels that QNX software business for BlackBerry is a prized possession. Chen has a very positive and direct approach to the direction of Blackberry. He if...