Blade Runner & Frankenstein

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Question : - Both composers are concerned with what constitutes true humanity. Support this statement with text discussion, using detailed analysis of the text.

Teacher comments : include more techniques & effects of such techniquesBibliography:Blade Runner - Ridley ScottFrankenstein - Mary ShelleyThe Gothic novel 'Frankenstein' composed by Mary Shelley and the 1982 futuristic film 'Blade Runner' developed by Ridley Scott both have strong contextual backgrounds and themes of humanity parallel between them. Consequently, once can conclude that to in order to constitute humanity one must experience social interaction and develop and individual identity.

Removal of family and social interaction can be seen in both texts. Influenced by the 1980's technological context where people feared social aspects of life would diminish due to dominance of machines, Scott implements numerous events and techniques into Blade Runner that are representational of his time. The importance of family and social interaction to humanity can be seen via the sorrowful character J.F

Sebastian. He lives alone with no family and virtually no social communication.

Scott emphasizes the essential human need for family by revealing how Sebastian has to create his friends in order to counteract his loneliness. He says, "My friends are toys, I make them." His need for social interaction and family therefore highlight their significance to humane behavior and hence deem them constituents of humanity. Whilst speaking to Roy and Pris Sebastian says, "There's a bit of me in you." Roy and Pris are artificial beings except from humanity; however they include characteristics of Sebastian who is human. Inferring that Sebastian is like a machine, no longer represents humanity due to his lack of human contact. Scott incorporates dark lighting and shadowing during their conversation, demonstrating to the audience Sebastian's machine like existence excludes him from true humanity. It is also...