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MCC's Secret Chimney

You're having a typical day, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and it would appear as if everything was to perfection. However, there's a problem…you seem to have a moment of overwhelming nausea as you breathe in the not so fresh air. This causes you to check your surroundings, almost as if this was a predetermined quest - to solve the mysterious issue at hand. As you investigate, you come across someone gripping what appears to be a cigarette. You can see the smoke coming from the cancer stick. You could practically hear the rejection in your lungs as you cough out the smoke. So as you try to come to terms with this, you realize that smoking is prohibited in this area. How come this culprit is getting away? Well at MCC (Metropolitan Community College) this happens to be the problem.

MCC has a no smoking on school campus policy that no one really seems to follow, which leads me to believe, is prohibiting it a solution to stopping it? What we need to do is to allow students to smoke in specified areas on campus. This will not only benefit the students who prefer to smoke, but the nonsmokers as well.

The legalization of a smoking zone will provide the students and employees a much cleaner campus. I personally deal with an unclean campus on a daily basis due to smokers. There are times where I can spot cigarette butts in the cracks of the sidewalk, the corner of a building, and even more underneath the bridge to the library. For example, one evening on my way to language arts class, I found something at the corner of my eye. To my dismay I laid eyes on someone...