Blakc and blue- by anna quindel

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In the process of searching for the novel that I would like I decided that I did not want anything I've ever read before. I wanted something interesting, something original, yet something that will keep my attention through out the whole book. This novel was one of the first that was suggested to me. The librarian and several other people told me that this was a very good book. I started to like the book even before I open the first page. People described it like it was the book of the year, and I think it was.

Of course before reading a single page of the book I had to see what the book reviews said about it. The New York Times and reviews gave the book 4.5 stars and said the book was worth the time. I thought this book was perfect for me. After reading the first ten pages of the book I was hooked.

The reality and the pace of the book made it very difficult to put down. That one of the things that makes this book very interesting, the setting keeps jumping from paragraph to paragraph so we are not stuck reading about the same boring thing page after page.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I think the only challenge this book gave me was that reading on the train gives me a headache. Other then that it was hard to keep up with what is happening. Even though the setting jumps were interesting, it was hard to keep up with what you have just read. The book is not clear about who is talking and who there during a particular scene. Anna Quindlen is also not clear about what is going on. In a lot of places I was not sure...