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Logan Mathews Ms. Marlowe LA III 7th Period 20 January 2014

Life in the 6th Century

Imagine a world with no technology, no running water, little to no hygiene, and majority of people are illiterate. This is a brief perspective of how life would be in 6th century Anglo Saxon times. Life was during this time was very bleak and difficult by modern standards. Even with these times vastly iconic literature emerged such as "Beowulf". Creating the necessity for a fundamental knowledge of how our English language became. The understanding of Anglo Saxon life betters our intelligence by illustrating our ancestor's daily actions and how ideas from this time period still coexist within our present society.

Daily lives of humans in this period were traditional to its time period and full of difficult tasks. During this time the Roman Empire ruled the land and became greatly intergraded into all societies nearby.

By focusing on more survival and staying complacent in one's social status; majority of people were born into their parent's role within the village. Anglo Saxons kingdom like villages was most generally containing around 100 people. Homes were constructed of wood, thatched roofs, and any other materials available. Directly in the middle of the village was a large hall around 50ft in length that held the king, nobles, and any other important figures. Inside of this massive building directly in the middle was a large fire pit with a hole in the roof for cooking and warmth. Males worked duties throughout the kingdom while women tended to living quarters and the children. Food was limited in this time, meat was rare and people ate what they farmed and found in the environment. Peasants ate grains and vegetables occasionally dining on meat, while upper class people often ate meat, drank...