"Blame Eve", defintion eassy Sex appeal.

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What was so remarkable about Helen that her face could launch a thousand ships? Why did Samson let Delilah give him a haircut? Why is it behind every man there is a woman? The answer is sex appeal. Plain and simple. Sex appeal is a force which women have used to exert control over men from the beginning.

Sex appeal has lead to the fall of grace. The first evidence of sex appeal, biblically at least, started with Adam and Eve. Adam was strolling through the Garden of Eden when Eve popped out from behind a tree and something was quite different. Covering her naughty places were fig leaves; thus lingerie was born and first used to exert influence. Even though Adam had seen Eve naked all day, every day there was now an element of mystery. What is under those leaves, were probably his thoughts as he took a bite out of the apple.

Sex appeal is one of the main pillars that our economy now rests upon. Is something as intangible as sex appeal definable though? My gym sees sex appeal as women members. Women Join Free & Half-Price Monthly Dues, this is the billboard out front. Why are women given a break? Women in the gym mean women in workout clothes. Can anyone say spandex? I've witnessed men who couldn't lift fifty pounds pay thirty-one dollars a month to stare at sweaty women in spandex. This in the gym is sex appeal, stretchy fabric.

Women have used sex appeal to sell ideas and goods more efficiently then any other means of marketing ever. What is so hot and bothersome about a fat loaded hamburger and a mechanic bull together? Nothing really, but through a model on the bull eating the hamburger and now you...