Who Is To Blame For The Tragedy Of Antigone?

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Creon, a man of extreme pride, caused the tragedy of Thebes with is many character flaws. His son Haemon advised him to become more compassionate. Teiresias the prophet advised him to change his pride-filled ways. Yet, through Creon's actions he crushed his family. Perhaps Antigone's tragedy man have been avoided if he headed their words of wisdom.

Creon has many character flaws that led to the tragic end of the play. One of the many flaws Creon exhibits is a paranoia that people around him are plotting against him. He even accuses the elders of being "'...these who have whispered together, stiff-necked anarchists...Scheming against me in alleys.'" (Scene 1 line 113-115) This paranoia leads him to make rash decisions. Such as when he threatens to take the Sentry's life if he doesn't find out who buried Polyneices. Creon is also very stubborn. This is shown when he will not change his mind about Antigone's fate even after much counseling.

This, however, only leads to his son's intervention.

Haemon witnesses his father's unbending will when Haemon goes to reason with his father. . Haemon asks his father to take his advice and not have Antigone executed, but, because of Creon's stubbornness for the law of the state, Creon gets furious and makes the situation worse then it already was. He was way too proud to take advice from someone younger, and in his anger he decided to kill Antigone right away in front of Haemon's eyes. "'Bring the woman out! Let her die before his eyes..." (Scene 3 line 130). This was too much for Haemon to take, and he runs out of the room, yelling, "'...her death will cause another." (Scene 3 line 119). Blinded by his pride and arrogance, Creon takes that remark as a...