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Make Up Your OWN Mind

Have you ever been left out of the loop? Read on...

Consider the following: you have no friends and your values have no place in modern society. This is one of the most common occurrences today, and can affect anyone. Being in this situation makes you an "outsider". This can be a lifestyle choice or be forced upon an individual.

An outsider is now more commonly referred to as a 'loner'. As harsh as it may seem, there is some truth to the meaning. Not only do you have no friends; it is not possible to gain anything by venturing into society. I myself have felt this feeling, not being accepted by peer groups, and being picked on for being 'different'. But what is 'different'? Isn't everyone different?

Everyone has different opinions, so it is very hard to give a truly universal definition to the term 'outsider'.

By examining different characters from a variety of sources, we can gain a greater understanding of the outsider, and its relevance to today's society.

One character who makes himself sound like he enjoys being an outsider is Holden Caulfield from 'Catcher in the Rye'. He has very few friends, he is on the verge on insanity and he believes in concepts that are too outlandish for society. One of these is the idea of being a 'catcher in the rye'. This idea suggests that children fall of a cliff symbolizing childhood into the dark abyss, adulthood. Holden wants to be the one who prevents them from doing so, thus preventing them from growing up. I believe this to one of the most unusual and insane prospects ever. Not only is it not possible, it is extremely short sighted. Holden does not see the big picture; he doesn't realise...