Blavk Helicopters in the Sky

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Black Helicopters in the Sky

Eli Vetcherebin

Chapter 1

Helicopters buzzed overhead. Danni did not even twitch. It was daily routine for him. Helicopters meant everything to him; they were his life. Danni was always afraid of flying and that fear served him a great deal of calamity in his earlier years. You see, in Israel, where Danni Schwartzberg has lived his whole life, your social being is based around two things which determine whether you are a real Israeli or not. One is whether you can be a member of the Israeli Air Force, and two is the degree to which you hate Palestinians. Danni lacked both of those qualities so much, that even the sluttish girls in the neighbourhood would have nothing to do with him. He was afraid of flying ever since his father died in a plane crash when he was 7 years old.

Now, at 20, he still believes that an angel plucked him out of the airplane and put him in heaven. Danni does not even fit the second parameter. When he was 14, a Palestinian couple saved him and his brother from a burning apartment. From that moment on, he wished to leave life once and for all. He did not want to be called "Jew hater!" or "Traitor!" but that was his tough fate.

The next step for him was to choose a military division where he would not be hated too much and but could also toughen up. The bomb squad was too dangerous for his liking, and he therefore chose the sniper squad. He enjoyed the training and he felt, for once in his life, needed and responsible. He always felt that human life in his hands is too much. This was, nonetheless, one of the parameters...