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The main interests of both the explorers and the conquistadors was the interest in claiming new land for their country and also discover the land and take items that the local natives had. Such items included gold, spices, and other valuables. The explorers and the conquistadors wanted to claim new land for their country because it gave them more power and more riches. On voyages, the kings and queens would sponsor the explorers and if they came back with newfound land, they would give them even more money and troops to settle there.

They justified their treatment to the local natives as if they didn't believe in their god, they would be killed. They forced the local natives to believe in their religion. The local natives of course were very confused because of them. They thought they were "aliens" because they just came on to their land and started to take over.

The local natives didn't know any better because they never seen most of the things that these explorers brought such as guns and diseases. One disease that killed many local natives was Small Pox. Since the local natives' body systems were clean, the explorers brought over this new disease and they couldn't handle it. By 20 years, the explorers killed 90% of all the natives but they didn't care. They just wanted the natives to know that the land they live on now belongs to their country and they couldn't do anything about it unless they wanted to be killed.