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Bless Me, Ultima: Study Questions Chapter Uno 1. Ultima is an elderly curandera, a folk healer, who comes to live with Antonio when he is six years old.

2. Ultima has the skill to heal others and has the power of the ancestors.

3. People who possess this unique skill are called "curanderas".

4. "The magical time of childhood stood still, and the pulse of the living earth pressed its mystery into my living blood." "My bare feet felt the throbbing earth and my body trembled with excitement." "Time stood stillm and it shared with me all that had been, and all that was to come..." 5. Antonio dreams about his birth and foreshadows Ultima as the guide for Antonio reconciling his heritage.

6. Antonio's father comes from a family of vaqueros or cowboys. That means he is driven by an adventurous spirit. Also he loves the open plains, or "llano".

7. The Luna family has a spiritual and mystical relationship with the land.

8. The word "llano" means plains.

9. Ultima's owl had a soothing "hooting" that rhymed them to sleep.

Chapter Dos 10. The sheriff was shot dead by by Lupito, a local war veteran.

11. Antonio's father's dream was to build a castle in the hills.

12. Lupito was shot by his pursuers after he shoots his gun into the air.

13. Antonio saw Lupito die right before his eyes.

14. After Antonio heard Ultima's owl, he felt comforted and lost his fear.

15. Antonio witnessed the death of someone for the first time.

16. In Antonio's dream, he and his three older brothers discuss their father's dream to build a castle in th hills.

Chapters Tres, Cuatro, y Cinco 17. Antonio's mother, Maria Marez believed the true way of life was a community of farmers...