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Bless Me, Ultima is about a boy who goes through changes after me Ultima. His name is Tony. During this story he has dreams that change Tony's personality. He becomes very mature after his dreams. Tony has 10 dreams that help him make choices that effect him in many ways. All these dreams have a significance to them that will be described in the following paragraphs.

Antonio's first dream, Tony sees his own birth in Las Pasturas; Ultima is there as the midwife. The Luna and Marez families argue about Tony's future (vaquero vs. priest). Ultima stops the argument and says she will guide Tony. The significance about this dream tells us pretty much what the story is going to be about. How Ultima is going to be part of Tony's life for a short while. In the second dream Tony and his brothers talk about their father's desire to build a house across the river.

Tony tries to pull them together, but the brothers call him a mama's boy. The brothers then hear the voice of la llorona along the river, but Tony acts as a priest and protects them. The dream is trying to tell Tony that he is the one who should follow his mothers dream about him being a priest. Tony thought his brothers were behind him in this decision. Tony acts as a priest because he thinks that will protect them from the spirit. The third dream is about Tony's mother calls tot he Virgin of Guadalupe to bring her sons back and make Tony a priest. The Virgin is the mourning for the fourth son. Tony screams and Ultima calms him. This dream is about how Tony's mom wants Tony to be a priest so he can worship the Lady of Guadalupe, but instead...