"Blessed be the ties that bind",

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"Blessed be the ties that bind", is one of the main key factors in Thornton Wilder's Our Town. There are many things that bind people together. Ties are forms of connections and also bonds. Ties bring people together. Three of the things that bond people together are birth, marriage, and death.

To begin, birth is where it all begins. Birth bonds people together. The joy of seeing the new creation and features of both mom and dad are indescribable. In Our Town, the Gibb's children, the Webb's children, and the twins in Polish town, is what bonded the town together. Everyone knew each other, which made it easy to bond together.

In addition to birth, marriage also bonds people together. In Our Town, Emily Webb and George Gibbs were bonded together by love and marriage. Emily fell in love with George when she was only 12 years old. Marriage is a bond for life.

Marriage is like a contract. You promise to obey by the rules of the contract or in this case the marriage. The church ceremony is the spiritual bond of the marriage. The honeymoon is the physical bond of the marriage. There are a lot of responsibilities that come along with a marriage. This is also where the children come in. The children will help keep the marriage bonded together.

Finally, as hard as it is to believe, death also bonds people together. The loss of a love one always brings the family closer together. In Our Town, when Emily's cousins Joe Studdard and Sam Craig died it bonded Emily and the families of Our Town, together. As families gather, they talk about their fondest memories and look at old pictures of their love one. At the visitation and funeral, friends and family members travel long...