"Blind Courage and Panic Fears".

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I chose to write my gallery assignment on the exhibition, "Blind Courage and Panic Fears", by Lisa Murray. The title of the work is called Flash Cards and was done in 2000. The medium that was used for the six flash cards, that are portrayed in the exhibition, was silk screening on canvas. Each of the prints are paired with one image and a label, which is why they are called flash cards. Lisa's flash cards are very similar to the style and format of children's flashcards, in which, if a flash card is shown to someone we would recognize the picture and have an understanding for the concept of the visual symbol. Although, with Lisa's flash cards, they are very puzzling, humorous, and ambiguous when we try to decipher and categorize each individual flash card. Therefore, the subject matter in this exhibition is what each individual flash card suggests or symbolizes.

With Lisa's flash cards, they all represent some method of science, mapping, or classification.

The content of Lisa Murray's work is the caption that is paired with the picture. Even though the caption tells you what the picture is, it still doesn't make you fully understand exactly what it means. She breaks down form vs. content in simple terms, and "even suggesting that this binary thinking is inadequate to really understand the world, Murray suggests that other forms of knowledge have value."1 The content of the painting has the viewer compelled with her work and confused because of the puzzling and ambiguous objects. It can be somewhat difficult to understand how she came up with the caption for each picture and what it actually means. She got a lot of her ideas from "medieval cartography, perceptual processes, dreams, and advances in medical technology."2 I think that it would...