The Blitz.

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World War 2 started when Adolf Hitler, president of the Nazi party, attacked Poland. Soon after that Hitler attacked the Britain in the "Battle of Britain". The Germans lost this battle.

Between 14th November 1940 and 10th May 1941 Britain was hit by the most crucial conflicts in the history of Britain, called The Blitz. The Germans thought they were losing too many planes during daylight so they started to attack at night.

During the eight months of which the Blitz lasted, the Germans had bombarded all of the major cities in Britain and made the people living there suffer.

The Destruction of Coventry

After Germans had lost the Battle of Britain (a battle of planes in which Germany attacked Britain by crossing the Channel) they still had 1400 plane bombers and 300 emerging each month from factories. The Germans had no difficulty recruiting more fighters to go to Britain ...

By 12th November 1940 British Intelligence sensed a change in the German attacks and they knew that three great attacks called by the Germans - Moonlight Sonata, Umbrella and All One Price - would be carried out on Coventry, Birmingham and Wolverhampton. The Royal Air Force had time to plan a counter operation - Cold Water - in which Bomber Command would retaliate against the German

capital Berlin.

As the Germans carried their plans and bombarded Coventry and Birmingham the Cold Water operation went forth. The Wolverhampton barely escaped, but the Germans probably observed he sudden increase in its anti-aircraft defences.

The attack on Coventry began on the 14th November 1940. There was a full moon and good visibility that favoured the attack. The first raiders crossed the coast at 6.17 p.m. and a dozen enemy planes landed at Lyme Bay 8.15 p.m. Their job was...