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In week 3, the topic of the lecture was online news and business. Thus, I want to talk about more about the relevance between Web 2.0 and business. Due to the rapid development of communicate technology, Internet becomes an essential too for business marketing expanding after WEB 2.0 established. Here, I will give a specific example about online business development.

Taobao, this is a Chinese website for online shopping similar to eBay and Amazon that is operated in China by Alibaba Group. As the one of the most popular online Business to Business (hereafter called B2B) integrated shopping website, the CEO of Taobao, Mr. Zhaoxi Lu said ( 2014) to newspaper that "Taobao develops a new online marketing form, which combines Ebay, Amazon and Rakuten." Thus, as a integrated online shopping website, Taobao become the one of the most successful product for development of WEB 2.0.


As a successful online shopping website in China, Taobao uses effective marketing promotion method, and develops mobile application.

Firstly, I refer talk about the effective marketing promotion method.

As I mentioned above, the popularity of Taobao due to the success of WEB 2.0, thus, Taobao's marketing strategy especially focues on online media.

Firstly, advertisement on normal websites. Taobao corporates with popular websites in China, such as Sohu, Sina, 163,etc, it posts its daily advertisements on the side of the website pages, it increasing number of visitors, using voucher or other attractive information to attract people to buy things online. Figure 1 shows how engaged are people to Taobao. According to the data, it tells that more than 25.6% visitors of Taobao go to the website through advertisement on other websites (such as figure 2, shows as following), it increases 9% than before. Using online media platform, taobao does an effective...