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James FarrisDr. John BruniEngl 1017 February 2008“The Blogosphere: Chaos Defined”When I started looking through blogs to write this paper, I quickly becameoverwhelmed. There is so much information to take it on just about every subject imaginable. At first what I saw looked like a bunch of overgrown children having a fight with one another on the playground. I noticed a lot of rivalry happening in the “blogosphere”, at least on Myspace, with bloggers taking cheap shots at one another for no apparent reason. After sifting through hundreds of blogs, I began to take a closer look at Dan Gentleman of Leisure, and Superjabs who are among the top rated bloggers on Myspace. Their writing style is unique in that it seems as if they don’t really care what people think. In fact some of the things they blog about are downright offensive. They also have hundreds of readers leaving comments after each blog, some completely agreeing with what they’re saying, others telling them just how offended they are.

Most of the comments are from the same people each time, which means that whether they love them or hate them they all read them. They share their views on everything from politics to prostitutes and people keep coming back for more.

It seems lately though that these two have it in for each other, Dan Gentleman of Leisure said “Jab’s blogs suck, anything he writes that is decent he stole from me… for the life of me I can’t understand why anyone reads his bull****”. After which SuperjabsFarris 2posted the comment “Dan ... You are a social retard. 5 minutes on the phone with me will prove that”. They go on in this fashion quite a bit.

This poses a question, what’s the attraction? This seems contrary to Snider’s...