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! Ajna Hasanovic

Mrs. Regan



! Blondes

! Why are blondes stereotyped and where does it come from? Well firstly, blonde

haired women have been considered attractive and desirable. Secondly, the belief that

blonde woman makes little use of there intelligence and relied more on there looks.

This stereotype is a combination of historical stereotype, bad press, and human nature.

Starting with history, blonde hair is a recessive trait, and therefore somewhat rarer than

brown or black hair. Traditionally, this has made it more attractive and desirable.

However blonde haired woman are perceived to be more beautiful than dark haired

women. This can be seen as positive stereotyping but as I took surveys from my fellow

classmates it shows that more people actually find brunette haired woman attractive.

Also scientifically 71% of men also find brunette woman more attractive.

! However, as there is positive stereotyping, there is also negative stereotype as well.

The dumb blonde is a popular-culture derogatory stereotype, intended to portray the

blondes as very beautiful but dumb. Dumb blonde stereotyping entered the American

culture in 1900s. "The origin of this belief may be traced to Europe, with the "dumb

blonde" in question being a French courtesan named Rosalie Duthe, satirised in a 1775

play Les curiosites de la Foire. Simply put, the Blondes are stereotyped as "beauties

without brains".

! This image of the blondes has been exploited in culture, literature, advertising and

movies. This, and in other combinations with other forms of media have given the

"ever-lasting perception of blonde-stereotypes". The blonde-haired women have been

portrayed as dumb-blondes. For example, many blond actresses have played

stereotypical "dumb blondes" in movies and sitcoms and this has further caused the

people to stereotype blondes.

! So as I ask myself " why are...