In "The Blood Brothers" by Willy Russell, how does tension increase in Act 2?

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The author will Russell has included a wide range of themes in the play 'The Blood Brothers', including that of humour and ones where characters are prepared to make life - changing decisions. Mrs Johnstone, a major character in the play, gives birth to two twins. Another character, Mrs Lyons, on the other hand, is highly distraught over the fact that she had never mothered a child. In kind reply, Mrs Johnstone sends one of her twins away to inhabit in the Lyon family. Despondently, these to unfortunate two brothers are kept apart from seeing each other. In addition, over the course of time, we see a substantial amount of resemblance between these two boys' lives. It is this view that I will begin to capitalize upon, whilst simultaneously referring to Act 2 to describe the amount of tension endured up until that phase of that play.

As Act 2 commences, we find out that Sammy has, "burnt the school down" Sammy then carries on his sinister ways by pulling a knife out inside a bus and pointing it at the conductor shouting, "Move! Give me the bag."

This is when tension is initially brought to the play. Russell resolutely used the exclamation mark to give the reader an indication depicting the fact that that Sammy is speaking at a high tenor. Another way it builds up tension is that the audience want to know whether Sammy is going to stab the conductor or not, which might follow onto Sammy going to prison. Further on in act 2 Sammy kills a man, "there's a man lies bleeding". This implies that Sammy's personality from a boy has developed in terms of his criminal profile. Notably, this boy has experienced a significant amount of deterioration in his behaviour over the course...