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Bloomingdales International Customer Service "AT BLOOMINGDALE'S, WE'RE ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE" Bloomingdale's is successful because they have positioned themselves in the retailing market, by offering unique merchandise from around the world, targeting a affluent, educated group of patrons aged between 35-55 years, and focusing on "Customer Service". This marketing strategy has been the back bone of their success.

Advertisement campaigns of Bloomingdale's has portrayed the focus of "Customer Service", with slogans such as "At Bloomingdale's, we're always at your service" and "You are like no one else in the world, Bloomingdale's is like no other store in the world. ™." Bloomingdale's is like no other store in the world, offering a unique retailing experience. It has been referred to as the "retailing theatre" in some of the worlds most influential magazines. Thus Bloomingdale's has gathered a international reputation for their unique merchandise and services; becoming a hot tourist destination.

The International Customer will have unique needs, that will have to be catered too in order to achieve return business and new clientele.

LANGUAGE BARRIER World wide there is over 200 different languages spoken. Thus, there are vast differences among nations as to the languages commonly spoken. Even within nations, there is often diversity as to the languages spoken. For example, Canada (English and French), India ( Hindi and English) Japan ( Japanese, English and Korean) have two or more official languages. However , the obvious language barrier, is not the only concern. Words have a variety of meaning within diverse countries.

To overcome this issue, Bloomingdale's has available "Personal Shopping Assistant" Service. This is can be obtained at the International Service Desk, here they arrange for Associate that speaks the clients native language to assist. The signs in the store a mainly written in English, however...