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Blow The movie Blow is about a drug dealer named George Jung. George lived in Massachusetts with his parents until him and his friend Tuna moved to California in the late 1960s. While they were in California, they met a girl named Barbie who introduced them to smoke marijuana. They figured that they could make money in selling marijuana, so George, Tuna, Barbie, and Dooley started dealing it to their neighbors and friends. They bought it from Barbie's friend Derek. This led to getting more and selling more. They started selling it from state to state through Barbie because she was a stewardess. They were making thousands of dollars and they thought that life couldn't be better until George went to jail. He was found with a massive amount of marijuana and his bond was 20,000 dollars. When he got out of jail he missed his court date to take of Barbie, who was dying of cancer.

After her death he went to his parents house to stay, but his mom called the cops on him and he went to jail. While in jail he met a guy named Diego who introduced him into dealing cocaine. They began planning their business together in jail. When they both got out of jail they started to deal drugs with the Columbian drug lord named Pablo Escobar. George, Diego, and Pablo all began their business together to deal drugs. George also included Derek into the deal, but Tuna and Dooley were no longer partners. They made millions of dollars and were in charge of over eighty percent of the drugs in the United States. He fell in love with and married a Columbian woman named Mirtha. George continued to do business with Diego until Diego doubled crossed him with Derek. After this happened George decided to get out of the business. Shortly after this Mirtha had a baby girl named Kristina. George and Mirtha tried to raise their little girl without the illegal drug business, but this didn't last long. Mirtha had a birthday party for George and invited all of his old drug dealing friends. The cops busted the party and found a lot of cocaine so George went to jail for three years, and Mirtha divorced him. When he got out he went to see his little girl and Mirtha said that she would let him see her if he would pay her child support. George had no money so he wanted to make one last big drug deal so him and his daughter could live together. He called an old friend and put together a drug deal, but little did he know that he was being set up by the F.B.I. He went to jail and is still there today. He was sentenced to 60 years and his daughter hasn't visited him once. This movie is based on a true story.

I liked this movie because it is a true story. It made me realize that money isn't everything. George wanted to make big money because his parents struggled their whole life. He never learned that money wasn't everything until he was sentenced to 60 years in jail. At the end of the movie he said that he regrets everything that happened to him and if he could it he would. He lost his daughter, which was the most important person in his life. I would recommend this movie to people who like to learn about people's mistakes. I was never bored throughout this movie. The storyline was good because I learned about how marijuana and cocaine was smuggled throughout the United States. I really felt sorry for George even though it was his decision to get into this illegal business. I think that the reason he dealt drugs was because of his childhood memories of his mom always complaining about money. He knew that he could make a lot of money dealing drugs so he did it. He was very good at what he did and he enjoyed it.