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25 Oct 2011

Davdell Ltd 37 High St, London W3 6ND

Dear Sir,

Ref: Contact dated 16/10/2010 Venue Management Agreement between Davdell Ltd and IDFC Ltd.

As you are aware our contract states under clause 2(b)

. . . Davdell Ltd will not unreasonably withhold approval of any nominations put forward by the Operator. Furthermore, Davdell Limited shall use all best reasonable endeavours to make any changes to the Premises Licence should it be reasonable and required by the Operator.

Further the contract states under clause 3(h)

The Operator shall be responsible for supplying a Designated Premises Supervisor and that the business carried on at the Venue is within the boundary of current legal and licensing laws of England, Davdell Ltd must approve this choice, however Davdell Limited's consent cannot be unreasonably withheld.

Pursuant to these clauses, IDFC Ltd formally request that:


Simon Horvat-Marcovic


21 Broomfield

Ferdinand Street



Date of Birth:


Personal Licence Number:


Expiry Date:


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Brief Public Service CV:

Police Committee(s):

London Communities Policing Partnership (registered Charity Number 1127009). Board Member & trustee July 2011 to Present.

Camden Community & Police Consultative Group (registered Charity number 1111175). Vice Chair, Board Member & Trustee July 2010 to Present.

Haverstock Safer Neighbourhoods Panel - Chairman September 2006 to Present

Metropolitan Police Authority Camden Independent Custody Visitors Panel. February 2010 to Present

Council Committee(s):

Chalk Farm Housing Group Tenants Management Organisation, Board Member since 2009

Chair since December 2010

Electoral Candidacies:

Gospel Oak ward Council election candidate May 2010

Haverstock Ward Council election candidate May 2006

St Pancras Constituency Parliamentary Agent May 2005

Hereford Constituency Parliamentary Agent May 1992

Other Public Service(s):

Gospel Oak Junior & Infants School - School Governor. May 2006 to September 2010

Hawley Infants School - School Governor. May 2006 to September 2010

to become the Designated Premises Supervisor of the contracted venue to take immediate effect.

We would like you to note at this time that from his CV Mr Horvat-Marcovic is clearly an upstanding and notable gentlemen within the community that in our opinion cannot be rejected on any reasonable grounds. He can bring very strong and sound references spanning Police, Council, Electoral and other important elements of our society.

Pursuant to this we would request with immediate action, the transfer of the DPS to Mr Horvat-Marcovic to take place in accordance with the above mentioned agreement.

Yours Sincerely

Zamzuri Ismail Director

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