Blue Genes.

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Blue Genes

As I wandered through the rain and people filled streets of Chicago, I came to a deep philosophical conclusion. People are born the way they are. Some people appear to have been born without a personality. I'm sure you've met them; they are destined to live out meaningful, fun-less lives as lawyers or accountants. Then there are those who carry with them a morbid expression of doom and gloom, as though their next step might be their last. And well it might.

One of the laws of science, back in the days when they thought it was important, was that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and so it is with people. That was until they abolished science, along with religion in 2084, as it was deemed unnecessary to know everything. The fact that only 2% of the population voted in the referendum shows that not many people really cared anyway.

They were stupid ideas anyway.

In my work as a professional literary distributor, I encounter hundreds of people, of all dispositions and destinies. There are those destined to go through life without a smile on their fact, and those who seem destined for life as a politician, their smiles permanently stuck on, lips spread in a pre-emptive strike for a bout of baby-kissing.

Despite the high-finangling job title, I am in fact the owner of a small bookstore. After the political revolution in favour of rationalism, people with meaningless sounding jobs were rounded up, and universally replaced by robots or computers. There is little glory in selling books, novels really (anything vaguely informative is illegal), but my little change kept the dogs at bay for the time being.

Late one evening as I was closing up, I saw a man standing outside the...